Designing for SCORE (

At the end of April 2010 I applied for and received a faculty grant from Mercy College to research and produce design work around the topic of graphic design, sport and inspiration. This grant specifically provides funding that allows me to return to Cape Town, South Africa this June/July to begin work on a series of pro-bono design projects for SCORE (Changing Lives Through Sport) where I had volunteered in 1993. The pro-bono projects for SCORE will be centered around the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the ways in which SCORE is working to “make a significant contribution towards the social development impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.”

After initially getting back in touch with Stefan (executive director of SCORE) we made a rush attempt to explore a design for SCORE’s World Cup-based programming “SCORE for 2010” but unfortunately ran up against scheduling constraints and a very tight timeframe. We now have a list of projects to be considered going forward with a current focus on branding and design work for SCORE’s annual “Cup of Heroes” competition which “showcases sports talent and the power of sport to change people’s lives and build communities.” Players competing in SCORE’s “Cup of Heroes” score points both on and off the field for cultural displays, fair play and community service. “One of the highlights this year (for Cup of Heroes) is the 2010 Partner Country Project, for which each team has been assigned a country they must research and then present in a display of song, dance and drama, which is especially significant this year as the world comes to South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.”

In the studio, we are looking forward to beginning sketches on the Cup of Heroes project during my trip to Cape Town and once I meet directly with Stefan and Koogan Pillay, Marketing and Events manager. Other projects possibly under consideration going forward involve finding ways of capturing and communicating the impact of the World Cup on communities through the eyes of young people and designing relevant graphics for display at an international Sport and Development conference SCORE intends to host in Cape Town in November. During my trip I will be taking photographs and video with an eye toward capturing the spirit and mission of SCORE overall as well as documenting aspects of the community-building spirit the World Cup can embody (in the face of its global corporate sponsorship).


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