Leaving Monday for Cape Town

I am trying to get everything in place before leaving for Cape Town this coming Monday morning (28th). We have been working with SCORE on initial logo designs for their Cup of Heroes initiative where community teams score points for cultural displays, fair play and community service in addition to their on-field performance. This year’s event, centered around the World Cup, includes the Partner Country Project where each team is assigned a country to research and present dramatically in song, dance and drama.

The challenge of designing this logo is that it has to both reference the SCORE logo overall and include a specific part of the SCORE logo. Collaborating with SCORE on initial concepts, we generated a series of sketches and three directions have been chosen to refine and choose from.

We will be working on selecting and completing the final logo immediately upon my arrival in Cape Town.

At the same time in the studio we have been working on a few more open graphic experiments with translating aspects of sport visually. These experiments will be ongoing and we will be generating many more in July and August this coming summer.

I am very excited to get to Cape Town where some of my friends who were also volunteers in 1992/3 have already arrived. My friend Colin Bhattacharjee posted these two pictures (end of post) from Khayelitsha (18 years later) where he mentions municipal improvements have been made (most shelters now receive electricity and garbage pickup) and yet the housing crisis is still present on an unbearable scale. You can see the electrical cables that did not exist when we worked there in 1993.

I am also looking forward to meeting at the end of my first week in Cape Town with Ravi Naidoo, who runs Design Indaba promoting the creative industry in South Africa.


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