Cup of Heroes Logo Development

Since returning from Cape Town in July, back here at 8pointstudio in New York we have been working long distance with SCORE on the further development of the Cup of Heroes logo. Our focus has been on capturing the team spirit of the event and the notion of group achievement while designing within the parameters of SCORE’s branding strategy. The images below show various stages of the design process we have gone through while designing both in the SCORE office in Cape Town and back here in New York.

While in Cape Town, we established with the SCORE team that it was too much to have the Cup of Heroes logo incorporate the SCORE logo within it and this freed us to investigate a wider variety of visual options. As mentioned in the Cup of Heroes article I recently wrote on Change Observer, once we had developed a number of early design directions with the SCORE team, we drove to Khayelitsha to show them to children involved with SCORE who then chose a final design direction for us to develop further.

In July and August (having returned to our studio here in New York), we continued to work with SCORE on refining the logo direction which is now complete!

(The final design is shown both above and below.)

Some of the Cup of Heroes logo options developed in the SCORE office and that the children chose from.

Working in the SCORE office with Stefan, Betty, Koogan, and Trevor

Working in the SCORE office with Stefan, Betty, Koogan and Trevor

Children discussing the logo options

The logo direction selected by the children

Cup of Heroes logo in progress

The final Cup of Heroes logo


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