This blog is designed to post content related to my current research and design project titled “Designing the Spirit of Sport: Picturing Physical Performance and Human Potential” partially funded by a faculty grant from Mercy College where I currently teach graphic design full-time while running my personal design studio. As a graphic designer, teacher, and athlete interested in community development through sport, I am focusing on graphic design for sport and design’s ability to express the inspirational and transformational aspects of physical performance. Graphic design for sport often focuses on heavily marketing products and athletes but in certain poetic instances it can capture the flow, energy and aspirational elements of sport. I am interested in discovering, documenting, writing about, generating and translating these types of poetic visual moments into concrete design work for community development through sport. My work will involve research, writing, experimenting and undertaking pro-bono design projects to this end.

I am initially working with SCORE a leading Sport and Development organisation in Southern Africa that believes in “Changing Lives Through Sport” where I originally volunteered in 1993 working with township children in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. I am currently collaborating with SCORE on a series of projects related to World Cup 2010 and SCORE’s various community-wide initiatives across Southern Africa.

Jen Roos
Principal, 8PTS
Assistant Professor
Graphic Design
Mercy College, New York


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